Community Engagement

At the heart of Petuna’s consultative process is a commitment to best practice community engagement, which means going above and beyond what is necessary to meet statutory obligations and working to ensure the development has a social licence to operate for the full life cycle of the project.

Fundamental to achieving this understanding, is developing trust and relationships based on mutual benefit, mutual respect and ongoing open and transparent engagement at the community level.

Petuna welcomes public feedback and is dedicated to regular transparent, two-way communication and engagement with our stakeholders and the wider community.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact us.

Strahan Community Forum

In Strahan, home to Macquarie Harbour, we have worked alongside the local community for more than two decades to ensure local values and concerns are considered as part of everything we do.

Petuna is an active participant of the West Coast Community Aquaculture Forum, which seeks to provide two-way communication and feedback between industry and the community, opportunities to identify and instigate joint initiatives and community projects as well as educating the community about salmon farming.

The information provided by the community is used to inform planning and decision making for Petuna and the wider industry.