About Petuna

Petuna is a privately-owned Tasmanian success story, established by Peter and Una Rockliff in 1949. Originally a fishing company, Petuna diversified into aquaculture in 1990. In 2020, Peter and Una Rockliff sold their 50% shareholding to their existing business partner, Sealord Group.

Sealord’s New Zealand fishing interests and Maori heritage – with its focus on preservation of the sea – made it a natural partner for Petuna, allowing the company to grow while staying true to its original heritage.

Today Petuna’s core values draw from this heritage, recognising that aquaculture should complement and co-exist with wild catch activities, both respecting the longevity of the natural environment in which they operate.

While the company is the state’s smallest salmon farming business, Petuna is best known for its award-winning Atlantic salmon and ocean trout, prized for its purity of flavour and succulent texture.

Petuna is now one of the state’s largest job creators, employing around 200 people, including more than 120 within its aquaculture operations in regional and remote areas.



Petuna is a family company with a proud history that spans 70 years.

It began with a young couple – Peter and Una Rockliff – and one wooden fishing boat. Peter spent his time on the ocean, while Una sold the day’s catch initially from the boat and later from a small shop in Devonport.

Peter and Una have always been passionate about Tasmanian seafood.

When they first set up the business, they shared the mutual vision that Tasmania could win worldwide recognition for the quality and environmental excellence of its seafood industry.

Over the years, they have been central players in seeing that vision become reality.

In 2017, they received the highest honour – the Industry Ambassador Award – at the Australian Seafood Industry Awards.In 2010, Sealord invested in the business, through a 50 per cent partnership with the Rockliff family.

In 2020, Peter and Una Rockliff sold their 50% shareholding to their existing business partner, Sealord Group. They retain full ownership of their wild fisheries operation which began more than 70 years ago.

The Pursuit of Excellence

Peter and Una are passionate about Tasmanian seafood.

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