North West Tasmania

The North West of the state has been identified by both Petuna and the Government as an area that could potentially accommodate the sustainable and responsible growth of salmon aquaculture.

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The North-West region is a natural fit with Petuna's other existing operations on the North and West Coasts of Tasmania.

Petuna has been granted an environmental research permit for the coastal waters between Stanley and Woolnorth to assess its suitability for salmon aquaculture.

Petuna’s extensive experience in wild catch fishing in the region over many years will provide invaluable knowledge and insight into the unique conditions in the area.

What are the benefits to the local community?

Expansion into the North-West will deliver a multi-million-dollar investment program, creating significant new employment opportunities and providing economic stimulus, especially for the local community.

The development will be a stand-alone operation, providing direct employment opportunities with a trusted local company, as well as jobs created during the development and construction phases.

Spatial Planning and Natural Filters

Over the past few months, Petuna has commenced local stakeholder consultation to understand and consider the areas of high natural value or of cultural significance to the North-West community.

It is important to know that salmon farming generally cannot occur in shallow waters (less than 15 metres), over rocky reefs, seagrass beds, sponge gardens or other sensitive habitats. Petuna is using a combination of feedback from local fisherman and habitat mapping to identify and exclude these areas.