Future Exploration & Growth

The demand for farmed salmon is steadily increasing, as consumers are searching for a high-quality source of fresh protein. Seafood is seen as a healthier and more sustainable alternative to other protein sources, such as poultry.

With more than 90 percent of the world’s wild catch fish stocks depleted or overfished, wild catch can no longer meet growing market demands, which is why aquaculture is so important.

Demand for Tasmania’s premium aquaculture products means there is the opportunity to grow, provided of course the community’s social and environmental expectations are met.

Any future growth at Petuna will involve major investment and more jobs – both direct and indirect – as well as more export earnings for the state.

Sixty percent of Australia’s aquaculture is produced in Tasmania.

In undertaking any future growth, Petuna is committed to:

  • Maintaining its reputation for global best practice and its environmental certifications;
  • Minimising the environmental impact of its operations;
  • The application of relevant, new technologies as they emerge;
  • Minimising the movement of service vessels; and
  • The proactive management of operational debris.


North West Tasmania


South East Tasmania