Loaves and Fishes donation

Petuna Aquaculture is helping to tackle food insecurity in Tasmania through regular donations of salmon to statewide emergency food provider, Loaves and Fishes.

Posted on February 08, 2023

Loaves and Fishes distributes emergency food relief through 300 community partners across Tasmania. The organisation also offers pathways to employment in areas such as hospitality, cooking, warehousing and logistics, through to school-based and adult apprenticeships.

Petuna CEO, Ruben Alvarez, said the company was proud to be contributing to such a worthy community cause.

“Food insecurity is a rapidly growing problem, with a recent University of Tasmania study revealing over half Tasmanian households experienced food security over the previous month – ranging from having to reduce the quality and variety of food, to extreme measures such as regularly skipping meals,” Mr Alvarez said.

“Tackling food insecurity aligns with our central purpose of producing sustainable, healthy and plentiful protein.

“The research shows that when people are facing food insecurity, fresh protein is one of the first things they sacrifice.”

Loaves and Fishes General Manager Aaron Kropf said Petuna’s regular donations of salmon would help Tasmanian families put nutritious food on the table.

“In 2022 Loaves and Fishes delivered more than 255,000kg of emergency food relief to Tasmanians in need across the state,” Mr Kropf said.

“We could not do that if it wasn’t for the generous donations from the community and our corporate partners like Petuna.

“It is great to have a proud North West company stepping up to help its community.”

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