Tassal and Petuna set benchmark biosecurity standards for Tasmania

Petuna and Tassal are setting a new benchmark in aquaculture biosecurity standards in Tasmania, entering into a joint venture, which will see the companies cooperatively manage their marine farms in Macquarie Harbour effective today.

Posted on May 17, 2018

Under the joint venture, each company will continue to own its own leases and its fish and infrastructure, whilst a joint operational management committee will oversee the strategic management of the leases, delivering better biosecurity and environmental outcomes. Tassal employees will continue to work in the Harbour with the joint venture.

The joint venture reflects international best practice in biosecurity and reflects the principles outlined in the Tasmanian Government’s Salmon Sustainable Industry Growth Plan which encourages improved area management planning.

Petuna CEO Ruben Alvarez – who has worked for four major aquaculture companies in five different countries over the past 30 years – stated the joint venture would provide important benefits for aquaculture in Macquarie Harbour.

“The joint venture between the two farming operations in Macquarie Harbour is a landmark step for Tasmania, which will deliver biosecurity and environmental benefits,” Mr Alvarez said.

“This is a great opportunity for Tasmania and reflects the benefits of a collaborative approach, in-line with international best practices.

“The joint management and utilisation of our marine leases will allow better fallowing and separation of year classes of fish, which will significantly enhance the wellbeing of fish and the biosecurity in the Harbour.”

Tassal Managing Director and CEO Mark Ryan said the company remained committed to sustainable farming in Macquarie Harbour, as well as other regions.

“The joint venture with Petuna is an important and positive step, demonstrating the benefits of collaboration to improve farming sustainability and effectiveness,” he said.

“All parties interested in salmon farming in Tasmania have been strongly advocating for improvements to biosecurity for some time, and we believe this joint venture is a positive step forward.

The joint venture supports sustainable salmon farming and job security for the local workforce in Strahan.

A combined management committee has been formed to oversee the joint venture, comprising senior Petuna and Tassal representatives.

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